Pharma ethics interview questions

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pharma ethics interview questions

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Some questions asked in job interviews can be a challenge, even for an experienced pharmacist. What are prospective employers hoping to find out from the trickiest questions and how should you tackle them?

Although some questions are asked in almost every interview, knowing how to answer them honestly while showcasing the traits that employers are looking for can still be a challenge. The following seven questions, submitted by pharmacists via social media and online forums, are considered to be particularly problematic.

However, this type of hypothetical question may be challenging to score, particularly if an employer is trying to compare a large number of candidates, so it may be avoided in interviews given by community pharmacy multiples or other large pharmacy employers. How did you communicate your concerns? I need people who are calm and can build relationships with my GP colleagues so that, if faced with a difficult conversation, it can be done in a supportive and friendly yet assertive manner.

Chief pharmacist Dennis Lauder says candidates should try to demonstrate an all-round optimistic attitude with a desire to succeed, but with a degree of humility. A spokesperson from community pharmacy chain Boots says that, in this type of competency-based question, the candidate should think carefully to choose an example that gives them the opportunity to display the behaviours the interviewer is looking for.

Secondly, explain what they did — the key actions and approach they took. Thirdly, explain what the results and outcomes were, so that the interviewer can understand the impact of the behaviours on the situation.

Both Boots and Bhella emphasise the importance of making the example personal. Bhella comments that weak examples include those where the candidate had little impact or influence on the eventual improvements. Lauder highlights that the more senior the post the candidate is applying for, the more complex the example situation that would be expected. Brown says she would be more likely to ask candidates to tell her about a situation with staff or customers where something unexpected took place and explain how they handled it.

She adds that it would be important that they kept calm, organised and delegated appropriately and had safety as their paramount consideration.

However, Bhella believes the question is limited in nature. Chief pharmacist Gurjinder Bhella emphasises that he would rather candidates did not guess if they did not know the answer to a question. He explains that the question may be looking to see if the candidate is self-aware and will indicate how the interviewee would like to be perceived.

He believes that candidates should give a brief summary of what led to the inquiry, including a few highlights that caused such a public reaction. Demonstrating loyalty and continuity is important to community pharmacy employer Bernadette Brown. For Brown, demonstrating continuity and loyalty is important. If I can see a way to help them progress and give them the opportunity to flourish, they are much more likely to want to be with my company in five years.

A common pitfall is focusing an answer based on what the candidate thinks the organisation is looking for. Be aware of the market, Lauder advises. Presumably there would be an indicative salary in the advert — if not, ring up to find out in advance of the interview.

As an independent pharmacy owner, Brown believes asking this question is a must. It opens up expectations.You can, if you take the right approach and ask the right questions.

16 Questions Top Pharma Applicants Should Ask During the Job Interview

So to really gauge ethical standards, you have to dig deeper and ask very specific questions. Find out more. Exactly the questions i was thinking of before hiring employees. It will make the employees to handle the situations in critical times. Thanks for sharing the blog it was informative. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. The safety of our clients, candidates, staff and greater community are of utmost importance to Pinnacle; therefore, we are respecting the protocols mandated by Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and the provincial and federal governments to minimize the spread of COVID With an abundance of caution, we are continuing to provide essential businesses with the staff they need to support Manitobans during this difficult time. If you are a Pinnacle Employee, client, or candidate, you can still reach us by phone and email.

Additionally, we have implemented the following safety measures:. As a locally owned and operated business, Pinnacle is committed to helping Manitoba weather this storm by working together. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unprecedented time. Have you ever had an issue of ethics arise in past positions? What happened? How did you handle it? Most candidates, if they have any work experience at all, will have faced issues with ethics or misconduct at some point in their career.

Have you ever suffered in your career for doing what was right? Do you have any regrets? If your boss asked you to lie for them, what would you do? If an employee will lie for you, they will also lie to you.

Seven of the hardest pharmacy interview questions and how to answer them

This question tells you that 1 the candidate did their homework and 2 that ethics are important enough that they sought information about them on your website. Share this Post. Pinnacle and COVID The safety of our clients, candidates, staff and greater community are of utmost importance to Pinnacle; therefore, we are respecting the protocols mandated by Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and the provincial and federal governments to minimize the spread of COVID Additionally, we have implemented the following safety measures: All staff who do not have to be in the office are working from home.

Interviews and meetings are being conducted via video conferencing and phone.

5 Interview Questions to Help You Hire Ethical Employees

The small number of staff remaining in the office are observing strict social distancing and cleanliness protocols. Any employee who has returned from travel or who is feeling sick will self-isolate for at least 14 days.Skip to main content. Published: Jul 11, By Mark TerryBioSpace.

It generally is three things : 1. Can you do the job? Does he or she like you, are you going to fit in? Can the company afford you? There are plenty of tips on what type of questions to expect from biopharma companies during interviews.

Even without specifics, most employers focus on behavior-based questions, which works on the assumption that past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. But less time is given to what you, the interview subject, should ask the recruiter or hiring manager or department head. But it can go further than that. Here are 16 possible questions or types of questions you might consider asking your interviewer as you turn the table.

How can I make a difference? How will you improve health and science? How will you make a difference in the world? How much control will I have? Generally, people prefer control over their lives, over their decisions. What information will I have access to? Can you explain how I will have input into my schedule, the projects that I work on and on remote work options? Where would I start? If interviewing with the person most likely to be your manager, ask what your first assignment would likely be.

Where would you start?

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How does this fall on the list of department priorities? Salary percentile. What percentile of the pay range might I expect in an offer?

Are you willing to meet or exceed my best offer? What are evaluations like? What are the goals and metrics that are being evaluated? Why is this job open? Which comes down to, what happened to the previous person in this job?

Did they quit? Get promoted? Get fired? Is it a new position? If I want more challenge somewhere along the line, what are the options? Also, possibly ask if you can speak to someone currently in this position. Promotion opportunities. Ask about opportunities for promotion in the company.

16 Questions Top Pharma Applicants Should Ask During the Job Interview

Ask how long people typically stay in one position.Are you interested in Pharma Quality Control jobs? Then searching for various interview Question and Answers to prepare well for the interview? Then your solution would be in Wisdomjobs, because here In Wisdomjobs we have provided you the complete detailed interview questions covering all nook and corner topics in Pharma Quality Control.

To be precise on what exactly Pharma Quality Control is the important operation of the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs should be promoted as safe and purifying active formulations whose routine is reliable and expectable. If you are good at Pharma Quality Control then there are various leading companies that offer various job role like Quality Control Executives for Pharma, Quality Assurance executives, Chemist Quality Control trainee and many other roles too.

Question 1. What Is Room Temperature? Question 2. Answer : UV spectroscopy range nm, Visible spectroscopy range nm to nm. Question 3. Answer : Spectroscopy used for detecting the functional groups, impurities. Qualitative and quantitative analysis can be done. Question 4. Answer : Qualitative analysis involves identification of the compound or chemical based on their chemical absorption, emission or physical properties e.

Quantitative analysis involves estimation or determination of concentration or amount of the chemical compounds or components. Question 5. Answer : UV spectroscopy uses light in the UV part of electromagnetic spectrum.

UV absorption spectra arises in which molecule or atoms outer electrons absorb energy, undergoes transition from lower energy level to higher energy level. For each molecule, absorbance at wavelength is specific.

Question 6. Explain About Beer Lamberts Law? Answer : It states that the intensity of monochromatic light absorbed by a substance dissolved in a fully transmitting solvent is directly proportional to the substance concentration and the path length of the light through the solution. Question 7. Explain The Infrared Spectroscopy Principle? Answer : When a molecule absorbs the Infrared radiation, it vibrates and gives rise to packed Infrared IR absorption spectrum.

Question 8.

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What Is The Body Temperature? Question 9. Define Ph? Answer : pH -Negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration. Blood pH Question What Is The Hplc Principle?

pharma ethics interview questions

Answer : It is a technique used for separating the mixture of components into individual components based on adsorption, partition, ion exchange and size exclusion principles.Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Pharmacist interview questions and answers. Pharmacy is a job that pays well. This question tests why applicants would want to be a pharmacist, beyond a high salary.

pharma ethics interview questions

What to look for:. What was your favorite subject while in school? What subject did you struggle with most?

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Pharmacy is a job that requires a lot of responsibility, so pharmacists should truly enjoy what they do. This question asked applicants what they did and didn't like about their studies to see if they enjoyed the overall experience of studying pharmacy. Two of your technicians aren't getting along, and customers are starting to notice. How you do handle the situation? Pharmacists are often in a management role and need to be able to supervise their technicians.

A good pharmacist will be able to manage their employees and any conflicts that arise. A customer asks about an over-the-counter medication you've never heard of before. How would you handle this situation?

This hypothetical question allows the candidate to explain how they would react in a situation where they don't know the answer. This question is important as it checks a candidates problem-solving skills. What to look for in an answer:. A customer returns to the pharmacy with a bottle of prescription medication that is partially used and says it doesn't work. How would you address the issue?

Patients don't always follow the instructions listed on their prescriptions. This question will let you see how applicants handle a situation where the patient isn't following directions and because of that, not seeing results. What to look:.Of course you know to prepare answers to the most common interview questions. Queries like, What are your strengths? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Why do you want to work for our company?

Why do you want to leave your current company? Why is there a gap in your employment? And, What can you bring to this role? This is interview preparation But how do you prepare specifically for pharmaceutical sales interview questions? These questions tend to be more behavioral in focus.

They want to know how you have handled certain work situations in the past. They want to know if you have the skills and experiences required for a sales job. Describe the situation you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish.

Wisdom Jobs - TOP 20 Pharma Quality Control Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Be very specific. How did you complete the task or meet the challenge? Use an appropriate amount of detail and keep the focus on what YOU did. Describe the outcomes of the actions taken. Take credit for your accomplishments or for what you learned.

Multiple positive results is the goal. To prepare answers in this format for behavioral questions start with the job description of the position you are interviewing for. For each skill required for the job develop an answer using the STAR technique from your previous experiences. Prepare a STAR response for each position from your work history. Your email address will not be published.

Contact Us Today! S ituation Describe the situation you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. T ask What goal were you working toward and what was your role in that effort? A ction How did you complete the task or meet the challenge?

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R esult Describe the outcomes of the actions taken. Here are 25 sample behavioral interview questions to help you prepare. Good luck! Tell me about a time you heard no over and over again even though your felt you had rapport with the lead. What did you do?

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How competitive are you on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being the least and 10 being the most and why? Are you a lucky person?Just a general questions of qualities of a sales rep I guess i impressed him sha anyway because i hv been invited for the final interview on friday He'll also request to know if u can work in states outside lagos like Abuja Onitsha Ibadan. Tnx,did mine 2day. It was a group discussion.

He said we wil b contactd 4 d nxt stage. I pray somtin gud comes out. I was told I will b called for d 2nd interview but have nt hear from them.

Pls I need to knw what up. Abuja Onitsha Ibadan pls what are the qualities of a good sales rep. I also was called for an interview this week for post of medical sales rep! Have also been scheduled for an interview with them on Friday 31st July for sales representative. Was any one successful? Tanyogo : Have also been scheduled for an interview with them on Friday 31st July for sales representative. I have also been invited by these people. Same here. I just got their invite just now.

I belong to the latter. I was invited for an interview on Friday for an administrative position. Pls who is invited for d same position and wot should we expect plsssssss. I was invited for same position, please someone who has done their interview before should help us out. You can scroll up for comments.